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MTL5546/Y ISOLATING DRIVER ISOLATING DRIVER valve positioners with line fault detection
产品特点 产品参数 安装方法 技术资料
ISOLATING DRIVER valve positioners
with line fault detection
The MTLx546 accepts a 4/20mA floating signal from a safe-area controller
to drive a current/pressure converter (or any other load up to 800Ω) in a
hazardous area. For HART valve positioners, the module also permits
bi-directional transmission of digital communication signals. Process

controllers with a readback facility can detect open or short circuits in
the field wiring: if these occur, the current taken into the terminals drops
to a preset level. The MTL4546C and the MTLx546Y are very similar
to the MTLx546 except that they provide open circuit detection only
(i.e. no short-circuit detection).

See also common specification
Number of channels One Location of I/P converter
Zone 0, IIC, T4–6 hazardous area if suitably certified
Div. 1, Group A, hazardous location、
Working range 4 to 20mA
Digital signal bandwidth
500Hz to 10kHz
Maximum load resistance
800Ω (16V at 20mA)
Minimum load resistance
90Ω (short-circuit detection at < 50Ω)
Output resistance
Under/over range capability
Under range = 1mA
Over range = 24mA (load ≤ 520Ω)
Input and output circuit ripple
< 40µA peak-to-peak
Transfer accuracy at 20°C
Better than 20µA
Temperature drift
< 1.0µA/°C
Input characteristics


Response time
Settles within 200µA of final value within 100ms
Communications supported
LED indicator
Green: power indication
Maximum current consumption (with 20mA signals into 250Ω load)
35mA at 24V dc Power dissipation within unit (with 20mA signals into 250Ω load)
0.8W at 24V Safety description
These models have been assessed for use in IEC 61508 functional
safety applications. See data on MTL web site.



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