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MTL安全栅 4000系列


The , with enhanced functionality and features, has now replaced the MTL4000 series for all new installations. The MTL4000 series is now in the termination process. Spares, of most module types, to support the installed base are still available.


Product Code Description Downloads
 Symbol denotes that the equipment is suitable for use in hazardous area applications.
 Symbol denotes that the product has been assessed for functional safety applications
1. Intro
INM4000  MTL4000 Series Instruction Manual
MTL4000  MTL4000 Series Common Specification
MTL4000  MTL4000 Series Cable Parameters
MTL4000   MTL4000 Series Enclosures & Accessories
MTL4000   MTL4000 Series Backplanes
2. Analogue Input
MTL4041A  Current repeater
MTL4041B  Repeater power supply
MTL4041P  High-power repeater power supply
MTL4041T  Repeater power supply
MTL4042  Repeater power supply IIB
MTL4043  Repeater power supply HART
MTL4044  Repeater power supply
MTL4044D  Repeater power supply
MTL4048  Loop powered isolator
3. Analogue Output
MTL4045B/C  Isolating driver
MTL4046/C  Isolating driver HART
MTL4046P  High-power isolating driver HART
MTL4046S  Isolating driver HART
4. Digital Input
MTL4013  Switch/proximity detector interface
MTL4014  Switch/proximity detector interface
MTL4015  Switch/proximity detector interface ~United Electric series
MTL4016  Switch/proximity detector interface
MTL4017  Switch/proximity detector interface
MTL4113P  Failsafe switch/proximity detector interface
5. Digital Output
MTL4021  Solenoid/alarm driver
MTL4021S  Solenoid/alarm driver
MTL4023  Solenoid/alarm driver
MTL4024  Solenoid/alarm driver
MTL4025  Solenoid/alarm driver
MTL4215  Switch operated relay
MTL4216  Switch operated relay
6. Temperature Input
MTL4073  Temperature converter
MTL4081  Millivolt/thermocouple isolator
MTL4083  Voltage isolator
7. General
MTL4031  Vibration transducer interface
MTL4032  Pulse isolator
MTL4061  Fire and smoke detector interface
MTL4099  Dummy isolator
MTL4099N  General purpose feed-through module
MTL4220  Earth leakage detector
MTL4403  High-level trip amplifier
MTL4421RS  General purpose switch operated relay

 250V rms between safe-area and hazardous-area terminals tested
at 1500V rms min between safe and hazardous terminals
Long term drift
 No recalibration necessary
Maximum safe-area voltage
 Um = 250V rms or dc
Hazardous-area connectors
 SCC01: Screw-clamp connector accommodates
 conductors of 14AWG max.
 CCH01: Crimp-contact header accommodates:
 CRC01 crimps for conductors of 14–20AWG,

 CRC02 crimps for conductors of 18–24AWG
Ambient temperature limits
 –20 to +60°C (–4 to 140°F) continuous working
 –40 to +80°C (–40 to 176°F) storage

 –40 to +80°C (–40 to 176°F) storage

 5 to 95% RH
 On MTL or user-supplied backplanes which in turn can be surface,
DIN-rail or 19-inch rack mounted
 100g approximately
The conditions governing the use of MTL4000 Series interface units
are given in the relevant certificates and schedules, copies of which
are available from MTL.
See MTL4000 series ordering information



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